Fireball and Comet NEOWISE

Title: Long exposure of winter stars over the farafer gate

Badab Soort at Night

Interplanetary Earth

In an interplanetary first, on July 19, 2013 Earth was photographed on the same day from two other worlds of the Solar System.

Sprite Lightning in HD

This phenomenon occurs in the sky over our heads, not the sea.

Io Eclipse Shadow on Jupiter from Juno

What's that dark spot on Jupiter?

Black Hole Safety Video

If you were a small one-eyed monster, would you want to visit a black hole?

Orion Rising over Brazil

The next few months will be the best for seeing this familiar constellation as it rises continually earlier in the night.

The Annotated Galactic Center

The center of our Milky Way galaxy can be found some 26,000 light-years away toward the constellation Sagittarius.

Da Vinci Rise

An old Moon rose this morning, its waning sunlit crescent shining just above the eastern horizon before sunrise.