Partial Lunar Eclipse Over Isfahan

Observing and photographing a partial lunar eclipse over Isfahan city in the winter of January 2018 from Mount Soffeh.

مشاهده و عکاسی از ماه گرفتگی جزئی بر فراز آسمان شهر اصفهان در سرمای زمستان 11 بهمن 1396 خورشیدی از کوه صفه.
Title Partial Lunar Eclipse Over Isfahan
Hit 2080
Photographer Hamed SheikhbahaeeHamed Sheikhbahaee
Location Isfahan, Mount Soffeh
Camera Nikon D5500
Lens -
Lens Aperture f/4.5
Telescope -
F 105 mm
Exposure 1/40 s
Filter -
ISO 12800
Photography Techniques Night Sky Photography
Accessories Tripod
Date of photography 1/31/2018

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