Partial Lunar Eclipse ماه گرفتگی‌جزئی

برای تهیه این عکس با توجه به ابری بودن هوا در تهران به همدان رفتیم.‌ برای فرار از دست ابرها مجبور شدیم تا جنوب همدان و پیست اسکی تاریک دره سفر کنیم.

Da Vinci Rise

An old Moon rose this morning, its waning sunlit crescent shining just above the eastern horizon before sunrise.

A Lunar Corona over Turin

What are those colorful rings around the Moon?

A Harvest Moon

Famed in festival, story, and song the best known full moon is the Harvest Moon.

Saturn Behind the Moon

What's that next to the Moon?

Chandrayaan 2 Launch

On July 22nd this GSLV (Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle) MkIII rocket vanished from sight into a cloud bank an instant after this dramatic snapshot was taken.

Partial lunar eclipse July

HDR: Earth's Circular Shadow on the Moon

What could create such a large circular shadow on the Moon?

Moonquakes Surprisingly Common

Why are there so many moonquakes?

Apollo 11 Landing Panorama

Have you seen a panorama from another world lately?