Space Station, Solar Prominences, Sun

سیاره زمین در شفق

Planet Earth at Blue Hour

Nature photographers and other fans of planet Earth always look forward to the blue hour.

Water Vapor Discovered on Distant Exoplanet

Where else might life exist?

Little Planet to Exoplanets

Of course this little planet is really planet Earth in a digitally stitched 360 x 180 degree mosaic captured high in the Chilean Atacama desert.

The Space Station Crosses a Spotless Sun

That's no sunspot. It's the International Space Station (ISS) caught passing in front of the Sun.

4000 Exoplanets

Over 4000 planets are now known to exist outside our Solar System.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: R Leporis: A Vampire's Star

Better known as Hind's Crimson Star, R Leporis is a rare star in planet Earth's night sky. It's also a shocking shade of red.

نفرات برتر مسابقه عکاسی از طولانی ترین خسوف قرن مشخص شدند.

برندگان مسابقه طولانی ترین خسوف قرن مشخص شدند.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Moon, Mars, and Milky Way

Just two weeks ago, dark skies over the desert in northern Iran held this alluring celestial vista.