Solar Eclipse 2020

خورشید گرفتگی حلقوی همزمان با انقلاب تابستانی

Partial solar eclipse from the lowest point of Iran

Annular solar eclipse 26 Dec. 2019.

Annular eclipse 26 Dec. 2019

Annular solar eclipse 26 Dec. 2019.

The annular solar eclipse beyond the air pollution of Tehran

Annular solar eclipse 26 Dec. 2019.

فازهای خورشید گرفتگی 5 دیماه سال 1398

Solar Eclipse Evolution

مراحل خورشید گرفتگی جزئی ۵ دی ۱۳۹۸

Interplanetary Earth

In an interplanetary first, on July 19, 2013 Earth was photographed on the same day from two other worlds of the Solar System.

Io Eclipse Shadow on Jupiter from Juno

What's that dark spot on Jupiter?

Jupiter and the Moons

After sunset on October 3, some of the Solar System's largest moons stood low along the western horizon with the largest planet.

Black Hole Safety Video

If you were a small one-eyed monster, would you want to visit a black hole?