Fireball and Comet NEOWISE

La Silla Eclipse Sequence

The road to the high mountaintop La Silla Observatory in the Chilean Atacama Desert also led to totality in the path of July 2nd's total solar eclipse.

Virtual Flight over Asteroid Vesta

What would it be like to fly over the asteroid Vesta?

The Colors and Magnitudes of M13

M13 is modestly recognized as the Great Globular Star Cluster in Hercules.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Lunar Eclipse over Cologne Cathedral

Why would a bright full Moon suddenly become dark? Because it entered the shadow of the Earth.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Tiny Planet Timelapse

You can pack a lot of sky watching into 30 seconds on this tiny planet. Of course, the full spherical image timelapse video was recorded on planet Earth, from Grande Pines Observatory outside Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Mount Everest Star Trails

The highest peak on planet Earth is framed in this mountain and night skyscape.

Longest Lunar Eclipse Over Mount Damavand

طولانی ترین ماه گرفتگی قرن بر فراز قله دماوند

Lunar Eclipse Over Mt.Damavand

Here's a photo sequence of the total lunar eclipse of July 28th, 2018, taken from Nandal, in northern part of Mount Damavand.

Eclipse in seven sequences