Mercury-Redstone 3 Launch

2021 May 7

A Sagittarius Triplet

2021 April 26

milky way

milky way next to planets and M31

Sky entrance

Partial solar eclipse from the lowest point of Iran

The Hydrogen Clouds of M33

Gorgeous spiral galaxy M33 seems to have more than its fair share of glowing hydrogen gas.

Saturn at Night

Telescopes can only bring Saturn's day into view.

M27: Not a Comet

While hunting for comets in the skies above 18th century France, astronomer Charles Messier diligently kept a list of the things he encountered that were definitely not comets.

Perseid Meteors over Slovakia

Tonight is a good night to see meteors.

IC 1795: The Fishhead Nebula

To some, this nebula looks like the head of a fish.