Rainbow Airglow over the Azores

M31: The Andromeda Galaxy

How far can you see?

Nearby Spiral Galaxy NGC 4945

Large spiral galaxy NGC 4945 is seen edge-on near the center of this cosmic galaxy portrait.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: M31: The Andromeda Galaxy

What is the nearest major galaxy to our own Milky Way Galaxy? Andromeda. In fact, our Galaxy is thought to look much like Andromeda.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Summer to Winter Milky Way

Taken near local midnight, this autumn night's panorama follows the arch of the Milky Way across the northern horizon from the High Fens, Eifel Nature Park at the border of Belgium and Germany.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: M33: Triangulum Galaxy

The small, northern constellation Triangulum harbors this magnificent face-on spiral galaxy, M33.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Meteor before Galaxy

What's that green streak in front of the Andromeda galaxy? A meteor.

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Spiral Galaxy NGC 4038 in Collision

This galaxy is having a bad millennium. In fact, the past 100 million years haven't been so good, and probably the next billion or so will be quite tumultuous.

Andromeda Galaxy Reprocessed

کهکشان آندرومدا

نمایی از کهکشان آندرومدا M31